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Image by Guillaume de Germain

Cremation Options

Often, when the choice is cremation, the perception is that the cremation process is the final step in the process. This does not need to be the case; when cremation is chosen, a final, permanent resting place allows for the life to be memorialized for immediate family as well as future generations. This permanency is the pillar of memories, communities and recognizing the significance for the individual’s life as it was lived.

Exterior granite front niches

Recently installed as a beautiful focal point to the entrance of our Sanctuary Nature Trail, these niches offer a dignified above ground burial option for cremated remains.

GSB 17-1.png

Granite cremation benches or memorial rocks


These memorials can be added to many different areas of the cemetery (with management approval) as a way to add burial options or to enhance areas where traditional burials cannot be performed. Cored holes are integrated into the granite, allowing a concealed area for cremated remains to be permanently placed.

Inurnment within traditional grave space

Regular spaces throughout the entire park can be used for burial of cremated remains. Standard memorials can be installed just as they would be for traditional ground burial. The Gardens of StoneBank allows two cremated remains to be inurned within one standard space with an additional fee.


Sanctuary Nature Trail

This natural trail has been carved out of the beautiful landscape that meanders through the woods near the cemetery’s wetlands and conservation area.  Rustic in nature, the cremation burials all are placed within special memorials that contain spaces for cremated remains to be sealed above the ground.

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